We would like to put our clients minds at rest with regards to the current Covid-19 situation. Hydroware UK are honouring refurbishment equipment deliveries, as planned, without any foreseen disruptions. Our dedicated support network of technicians are working from home and will be available for support either on the phone, via video calling or email. We will also support enquiries for new offers/orders but will request customers please send in the full details to allow us to process the offer/order. We can assist customers in this if they contact us whilst on site to ensure these crucial details are complete. The situation will be monitored and assessed during these weeks and updates given.


A hydraulic power- and control system for modernisation and new installation of lifts

The system is completely integrated and is pretested from the fabric which means that the installation time can be halved in comparison with a conventional system.

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Complete Lifts

We are also delivering complete lifts

In most cases there are less environmental impact to choose a hydraulic lift instead of a lift with counterweight by new installation. This applies for example for residential buildings with up to 6-7 storeys.

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C  U  R  R  E  N  T

Interlift 2017

Worldwide, "Interlift" in Augsburg is one of the leading trade fairs within the industry. Every second year, the leading manufacturers present their product innovations and the latest trends concerning elevator technology. Hydroware will of course be attending this fair.

Our focus will be on the digital revolution and IoT: Internet of Things. With our platform you will be able to see the current status of the HydroElite system and its performance and usage history. The possibility to see error codes, door status and information about the recent trips, will facilitate maintenance and planning decisions.

Interlift will take place over 4 days from Tuesday 17th October to Friday 20th October 2017 in Augsburg. You can meet us in Hall 7 at Stand 7131.

Board of Directors

Hydroware is delighted to announce the appointment of Jörgen Linell as the new Chairman of its Board.

Jörgen Linell, a Director of the Company since 2018 succeeds Mats Flygare. Hydroware would like to convey its appreciation to Mats Flygare. His leadership, talent and expertise have been a great asset to the Company in his time as Chairman and Managing Director and we are pleased to have his continued involvement as a Director of the Board. Hydroware have appointed Per Elgborn as Managing Director as of October 1, 2019.

In addition, the Hydroware Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Lars Fransson and Kjell Johansson as Directors of the Board.

The Board consists of the following Directors:

Jörgen Linell, Chair
Mats Flygare, Director
Kjell Johansson, Director
Martin Starkman, Director
Lars Fransson, Director

Ipercity in Italy saves 3 500 € each year and lift

Ipercity is a large shopping mall in Padua, Italy. The centre has three stories and at the entrance there are 4 lifts with a maximum load of 4 000 kg each.

When the lifts were modernised the old drive- and control units where changed to HydroElite Vidi. This led to a yearly saving of almost 3 500 € per lift.

Furthermore is the comfort and travel capacity increased due to the shorter flight time. The traffic has a much improved flow to the delight of all the visitors that has resulted in a faster and smoother transportation.