We would like to put our clients minds at rest with regards to the current Covid-19 situation. Hydroware UK are honouring refurbishment equipment deliveries, as planned, without any foreseen disruptions. Our dedicated support network of technicians are working from home and will be available for support either on the phone, via video calling or email. We will also support enquiries for new offers/orders but will request customers please send in the full details to allow us to process the offer/order. We can assist customers in this if they contact us whilst on site to ensure these crucial details are complete. The situation will be monitored and assessed during these weeks and updates given.


A hydraulic power- and control system for modernisation and new installation of lifts

The system is completely integrated and is pretested from the fabric which means that the installation time can be halved in comparison with a conventional system.

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Complete Lifts

We are also delivering complete lifts

In most cases there are less environmental impact to choose a hydraulic lift instead of a lift with counterweight by new installation. This applies for example for residential buildings with up to 6-7 storeys.

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C  U  R  R  E  N  T

HydroCloud - A monitoring system by Hydroware

HydroCloud provides a clear and simple overview of all your lifts. By clicking at a specific unit, you will get full and detailed information – whenever and from where ever. 
Available for HydroElite V4 and V5.  All you need is a tablet, PC or a smart phone.

The collected data contains valuable real time information, such as:

  • Usage statistics 
  • Uptime 
  • Energy consumption (option)
  • Error logs 
  • Temperatures 
  • Wiring diagrams 
  • Export-functions

Please contact us if you want more information!

HydroElite delivery times - we keep up our excellent service

We have always been proud of our excellent delivery times; we deliver on 4-5 weeks standard, and 10 days express (on request). This service is highly appreciated by our customers. 

For the past two years, the situation within the industry has been challenging. Shortages of compontents and insecurity have influenced the industry and many players within the market.

Since it is of the utmost importance for us to maintain our excellent service and to stay a reliable business partners to our customers, we have always kept our promise. And we will continue to do so: We still deliver on 4-5 weeks standard, and 10 days express.

Hydroware AB awarded Supercompany 2021

As one of 630 companies in Sweden, Hydroware has been awarded the title Supercompany 2021 by Dun & Bradstreet. The prize has been awarded annually since 2004 to recognize companies that have demonstrated stability and sustainability in their business for at least four consecutive years, successfully achieving sales and profitability growth.

"We want to recognise Sweden's heroes, those who are moving the country forward with jobs and long-term value creation in the corporate sector," says Per Weidenman, analyst at Dun & Bradstreet.

And we say thank you: to all employees, customers and partners who made this success possible.