About us

Hydroware designs, manufactures and sells high-tech drive and control systems for hydraulic lifts.

Thanks to the strong focus on energy and resource efficiency along with the travel performance, we are today the leader in hydraulic lifts.

We manufacture robust lifts with open systems that can be modernised and given a very long life time.

The interior of an elevator installed in Kalmar Castle.

A sustainable industry for a sustainable world

Our vision at Hydroware is inspired by the circular economy. We want to be part of building sustainable lift solutions where everything can be reused or recycled in a company with sound finances.

Kjell Johansson, founder and CEO of Hydroware

Brief summary

Today we have around 100 employees in Sweden and in our subsidiaries in the UK, Germany and Italy.

Our turnover is around SEK 200 million and we have ambitions to continue our record of strong growth.

To ensure that we continue to have the best products on the market, we invest considerable resources in product development. Therefore, 15% of our employees are working directly with the product development.

Our customers are both large and small lift companies and our sales are covering more than 50 countries in many parts of the world.

Hydroware has for long worked efficiently with long term targets, this has led to numerous awards such as Dagens Industri Gasselföretag, Swedish Growth Index and, not least, the highest credit rating in both UC and Bisnode.

In ten years we have grown from 20 to approximately 100 employees.

We give our customers state of the art technology and confidence

We aim to be at the forefront of technological development as well as durability. The products are robust and capable of modernising while they are energy and resource efficient. This gives our customers and their customers a sound economy.

Quality and environment

Hydroware is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 since June 2006. Responsible for the certification audit was DNV Certification AB, Sweden, and the certificate covers development and production of complete drive and control systems for hydraulic lifts.

Our business should be done in a resource efficient manner, and our products will enable customers to streamline their resource needs. We want through innovation and smart solutions to ensure that as few resources as possible is consumed by our products and that as much as possible can be reused or recycled.

Unique solutions for a better future

We do not copy. We want to create solutions that are unique and that can create a better future for us all. To dare to think in new ways in the lift industry has placed us in the front line when it comes to sustainable lift solutions.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

For a good economy
For us it is important to run a company on a sound ethical basis. We also prioritise profitability in order to act in the long term and develop tomorrow's products and systems. It also lays the foundation for creating a stable and healthy work environment for all employees where everyone knows that you get a reward and that there are opportunities for development.

With a focus on sustainability
To build an industry based on circular economy characterises our entire company. Through the life cycle assessments that we have performed, we have acquired tools to develop products and solutions that are as resource-efficient and sustainable as possible and leaving as small environmental footprint as possible.

To care about
We are anxious that all employees feel welcome and respected regardless of age, gender and origin. At the same time we sponsor a lift technician school and support financially several non-profit aid organisations, local events and associations.