Complete Lifts

Combine HydroElite with our other products and you get a robust, energy efficient and quick installed lift.

It's ready for installation in both existing and in new buildings. Also suitable as freights and car lift and are easily adapted for narrow shafts. Our lifts are always supplied with drive and controlsystem HydroElite which gives the lift many unique characteristics.

All components

We supply everything from guides, car slings, cylinders, cars, doors, panels and interior. Please contact our Sales dept. for more information of the quality products that is included in our complete lifts range.

Safe with everything from one supplier

The value to buy all components from one supplier makes it easier for maintinance, spares, administration, warranties and eventually reclamations.

Different models of lifts

We supply different models of lifts as passenger lifts, Freight lifts, Vehicle lifts and lifts that is specially made to install in narrow shafts.

Replace electrical screw lifts

We have developed a replace kit for a simple and unique way to replace all types of electrical screw lifts with a modern hydraulic Hydroelite. The kit is specifically designed for screw lift NTD. Very quick installation and it can be used in very narrow shafts

We supply all the parts for the lift








Guide Rails/Car Sling