Hydroelite drive- and control system

Unique Technology

The heart of the HydroElite drive- and control system is the unique valve. It is equipped with a servo valve which allows the lift to travel directly into the floor, without creeping. The valve also runs without bypass at full speed upwards. This reduces the travel time and the energy consump­tion dramatically compared to traditional electronic valves.

Quick Installation

By a modernisation with a Hydroelite you can already after a few hours of installation work get the lift into ope­ration via the Installation pendent.

It is so quick to install because the complete drive- and control system is pre-assembled and system tested in our factory. In addition, almost all the wiring is pre-commissioned with plugs. All that, together with the easy commissioning on site halves the installation time compared to traditional systems.


The commissioning is made easy through two learn trips, one for the hydraulics and one for the floor setting. It is entirely self-learning and self-adjusting. No manual adjustments are required, and the stopping accuracy increases with each trip.

Integrated drive- and control system

Already during the R&D work the drive- and control system of the Hydroelite are perfectly paired. The reaction time from a call to start is very short since the HydroElite drive- and control system is perfectly synchronised, which also helps to increase the traffic capacity and the ride comfort of the lift. Furthermore this secures that Hydroware can take full responsibility of the complete product and deliver a liable function.

Factory tested

Every single Hydroelite is 100% pre-tested in our factory on real lifts before dispatch. This minimises the risks of problems that may occur on site. This will also help to reduce the installation time dramatically.

Everyone gains

The user has the advantage of shorter waiting times, shorter travelling times and considerably improved travel comfort. For the property owner the advantage is primarily lower power demand, lower energy use and greater reliability. The elevator company profits on the reduced installation time, the reliable delivery time and support, and also on the simple order handling through our B2B-system.

That the drive- and control system is from the same supplier also gives an increased security and an easier handling when it comes to support, service and warranties. 

Different versions of Hydroelite

The HydroElite is provided in the versions Veni and Vidi. They can also be made as a machine room less version as well as a mini version.

The unique servo valve which is self-adjusting and also allows the lift to travel directly into the floor, without creeping.

Every Hydroelite is equipped with the unique servo valve which leads to shorter travel time, higher travel capacity and lower energy consumption.

The diagram shows how a faster start and eliminated creeping increase the travel capacity and the travel comfort. At the same time it reduces the energy consumption dramatically.

Technical comparison – Veni och Vidi

HydroElite Veni

HydroElite Vidi

Test of system before delivery
  Veni           Vidi   

Self-learning servo valve
  Veni           Vidi   

Direct approach to the floor (up- and downwards)
  Veni           Vidi   

Soft starter
  Veni          Vidi  

Frequency inverter
 Veni           Vidi   

Submerged motor
  Veni           Vidi   

Air-cooled motor
 Veni           Vidi   

Option with MRL cabinet
  Veni           Vidi   

Option with MINI tank (up to 125 l/min)
  Veni           Vidi   

Option med twin-servo valve (800-1000 l/min)
  Veni           Vidi   

Option with twin unit (2x400-2x1000 l/min)
  Veni           Vidi   

Option with separate controller
  Veni           Vidi   

50 % lower energy consumption
  Veni           Vidi   

70 % lower energy consumption
  Veni           Vidi   

Power demand reduced up to one third
  Veni           Vidi