HydroElite Veni

Unique Technology with a patented valve

Hydroelite is an integrated drive- and control system for hydraulic lifts. It is equipped with Hydroware´s unique valve system which allows the lift to travel directly into the floor, without creeping. The valve also runs without bypass at full speed upwards. This reduces the travel time and the energy consump­tion.

Low energy consumption

Hydroelite Veni totally utilises the advantages of the unique valve. The complete system gives an energy consumption that is cut by 50% compared to traditional electronical valve systems. Hydroelite Veni is equipped with a soft starter and an efficient submerged motor. 

Fast and easy commissioning

The commissioning is made easy through one learn trip for the hydraulics and one learn trip for the floor setting. It is entirely self-learning and self-adjusting. No manual adjustments are required, and the stopping accuracy increases with each trip.

Increased lift capacity

Direct approach to the floor without creeping leads to shorter travel time and increased traffic capacity. The reaction time from a call to start is very short, which also helps to increase the traffic capacity and the ride comfort of the lift.

No overheated oil

Thanks to the unique features of the valve more trips per hour can be made without problems with overheated oil. With a HydroElite Veni you don´t need to worry about overheated oil and you normally don’t need an energy intensive oil cooler anymore.

Facts in brief

Soft starter

Submerged Motor

Unique patented valve

Test of system before delivery

Direct approach to the floor

Quick installation

No by-pass at full speed upwards

Self-learning with no need for manual adjustments

Exact landing installation by means of self-learning positioning system

Improved travel comfort

EN81-20/50 certified

Energy consumption cut by 50%

Travel time cut by 10-50%

Power demand cut by 20-40%

Greater traffic capacity without the need for oil cooling

More rapid start, and travel not dependent on temperature or load

Built-in diagnostic system for effective maintenance and simple troubleshooting

Flexible and modular to suit all types of installations

Remote-controlled fault reporting and service diagnostics

Direct control, pickup, down or full collective and also duplex or triplex