Unique Technology

The heart of the HydroElite drive- and control system is the unique valve. It is equipped with a servo valve which allows the lift to travel directly into the floor, without creeping. This reduces the travel time and the energy consumption dramatically compared to traditional electronic valves.

The valve also runs without bypass at full speed upwards. It is entirely self-learning and self-adjusting.

The commissioning is made easy through two learn trips, one for the hydraulics and one for the floor setting. No manual adjustments are required, and the stopping accuracy increases with each trip.

The unique and patented valve in HydroElite which, among other things, makes the lift self-adjusting and that it goes directly to plan without creep.

Increased Lift Capacity

The HydroElite means direct approach to the floor without creeping which leads to shorter travel time and increased traffic capacity.

The reaction time from a call to start is also very short since the HydroElite drive- and control system is perfectly synchronised, which also helps to increase the traffic capacity and the ride comfort of the lift.

Thanks to the unique features of the valve more trips per hour can be made without problems with overheated oil. With a HydroElite Vidi you don’t need an oil cooler anymore.

Quick Installation

By changing to a HydroElite drive- and control system from Hydroware you can already after a few hours of installation work, have the lift in operation for manually serving the customer.

It is so quick to install because the complete drive- and control system is pre-assembled and system tested in our factory. In addition, almost all the wiring is pre-commissioned with plugs. All that, together with the easy commissioning on site halves the installation time compared to traditional systems.

The quick installation is partly due to the pre-wired harnesses and the entire system is brought state in the factory.

Support and Service

We have an experienced, competent and always accessible support team, which ensures that any problems and questions that may occur during the installation or later during the operation of the lift, will be solved quickly and effectively.

Spare parts will be sent out the same day as we get the order with the fastest possible delivery to good conditions. Through our Web Service “WebRel” you will always find all necessary information and history about your lift.

The support has a long and practical experience of our products and systems.

An open protocol gives you lower cost

The HydroElite has an open protocol which isn’t locked to any special provider on the market. This means that all lift companies can do the maintenance on the lift. It gives you as landlord free options, lower costs and more confidence.

With HydroElite Vidi the energy reduction will be up to 70%. On top of that the power demand will decrease, often you can reduce the fuse size to one third.

The cost for modernising a lift with a HydroElite from Hydroware is often only half in comparison to install a new lift with counter weight.

Furthermore is the maintenance cost for a modernised lift with the HydroElite often lower than with a new lift with counter weight.

Modernisation of Lifts 

By modernisation you reuse car, guide rails, car sling and often also doors and cylinder. These parts will in the majority of cases remain durable for many generations and it is a total waste of resources to discard these components.

The parts you normally change are the complete drive- and control system and the wear and tear parts. To modernise a lift instead of doing a full replacement has big economic advantages and has a lesser impact on the environment. 

The life span of a modernised lift is at least as long as after a full replacement with a new MRL traction lift. Furthermore, you will get lower maintenance costs thanks to the robust construction, compared to a complete new lift. 

Within our range of services we have solutions which includes all components you may need for a complete modernisation.

Modernized lift in the restaurant Burger & Lobster in Stockholm with the drive and control system HydroElite .

Complete Lifts

We also offer complete lifts. In most cases it is a lower burden on the environment to select a hydraulic lift instead of a traction lift for new installations. Hydraulic lifts are always more suitable for residential buildings up to 6–7 floors and shopping centres up to 3 floors and operating 250.000 trips a year.

Together with Hydroware you can give the building a more sustainable profile, whether it concerns modernisation or installation of new lifts.

The chart shows when it is most optimal to choose a hydraulic lift instead of a lift with counterweight. It depends on the number of floors and travel.

Life cycle Assessment

A life cycle assessment shows the environmental footprint durin the whole life cycle of a product.
From procuring the raw material the entire production, the usage phase until the disposal
of waste with sorting and recycling.

Life cycle assessment for lifts clearly shows that for low rise residential buildings
the environmental footprint is double for a lift with counter weight
in comparison with a hydraulic lift.

>>>  See diagram at “Sustainable lifts”

From the installer’s point of view, there is no one to
beat Hydroware

“The Hydroware system is simple to work with. It all comes packed and ready to fit. It’s then simply a matter of pulling out the old parts and replacing them with new ones. This makes for short fitting-times.

The Hydroware system is well thought-out and easy to install and start up. The starting-up of competing systems requires extensive experience.

Another important thing for us installers is customer support, and we can only say that it is excellent and without competition. We needed to replace part of a system in the Swedish town of Kristianstad, and someone from Hydroware jumped straight into the car to deliver the part directly to us. The whole thing was sorted out in just over an hour.

There is a reason for Hydroware having grown: it is simply that they have the best hydraulic system on the market.”

Bosse Wallman and Ingolf Svensson, lift mechanics, give their views on drive and control system HydroElite.


A hydraulic power- and control system for modernisation and new installation of lifts

The system is completely integrated and is pretested from the fabric which means that the installation time can be halved in comparison with a conventional system.

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Complete Lifts

We are also delivering complete lifts

In most cases there are less environmental impact to choose a hydraulic lift instead of a lift with counterweight by new installation. This applies for example for residential buildings with up to 6-7 storeys.

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